Suunto PM 5 – (PM-5/66 – Imperial) Heightmaster and Clinometer


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For measuring heights, slopes and angles. Scales: 1:20 (0 ± 50 m), 1:15 (0 ± 35 m), 0 ± 150 %, conversion table: height in meters (1:20) into degrees, conversion table: cosines 0-45°. The Suunto PM 5 Clinometers are the instruments of choice when needing a small, compact device for measuring heights of such things as trees, towers and buildings, and measuring vertical angles and slopes quickly and easily. Housed in solid aluminium to resist rust and protect against impact. A jeweled bearing assembly supports the scale card which is surrounded by a damping liquid to assure smooth, accurate, and quick readings. Dimensions: 75. x 52 x 15 mm. Weight: 110g

  • Acrylic capsule
  • Anodized light-alloy housing
  • Optical adjustment for reading
  • Parallax-free lens
  • Jeweled bearing
  • Damping liquid
  • Nylon pouch with belt-loop
  • Lanyard and metal lanyard ring
  • Available also in feet scales for the US market
  • 2-year warranty
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 52mm x 15mm
  • Weight: 110g / 3.9oz


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