Silver Fossil Hunting Starter Kit


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High quality professional tools

The Silver Pack contains more equipment than the Bronze Pack, offering an alternative to some tools and upgrading of contents, it is also aimed at those who plan to take this new hobby further. 


TOOLS: This pack contains a 16oz Geological hammer, this tool is the standard size recommended. The hammer has been specially designed for hitting rocks. 
FIELD EQUIPMENT: This pack contains our ‘UKGE 10x Field Lens’ for viewing small fossils onsite and for viewing your collection, a pack of 100 special bags for collecting your fossils on the field, a field marker pen for writing on the bags and some tweezers for picking up small fossils. We also include a mini compass to find directions. 
SAFETY: This pack contains some safety goggles which are highly recommended when using hammers. It also contains a hard hat for use at Quarries and where cliff faces are considered dangerous. 
PREPARATION, STORAGE:  A Tungsten Carbide Etcher is included for cleaning your fossils and two sample storage magnifying boxes for starting your collection and for viewing small fossils. 
REFERENCE AND READING: This pack contains our latest ‘Deposits Magazine’, a glossy mag full of places to go fossil hunting, rocks, minerals, beginners guides, recent finds, fossil guides, events, website listings, tips and much much more.


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